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Why You Need Cameras In Your Car


AUGUST, 2017


Many of our clients have surveillance cameras in their businesses and homes. However, all of us spend a great amount of time in cars.

Having a camera in your car is an important step in protecting yourself. Up until recently, if someone was involved in an accident, there was very little real evidence to determine who was truly at fault. From the simple fender bender accident where insurance companies drag on claims, to much more serious accusations of hit and run. Video surveillance is a great way to document exactly what happened for future use.

While no one can prevent an accident, we can document it.

In one case, a car was dropped off with valet at a restaurant. While the valet was parking the vehicle, another guest at the restaurant backed into the car. The at-fault driver demanded that the police come out and cite the valet driver. In addition to his own false statement, the at-fault driver had persuaded his friends to also corroborate his story to the police. After the false statements were made, the owner of the vehicle presented the police officer with the dash cam footage of the incident. Quickly the incident was solved, with the at-fault driver receiving a citation. This is just one of many examples of video surveillance being used to expediently determine what actually happened in an incident.

“Quickly the incident was solved, with the at-fault driver receiving a citation.”

From a business perspective, not only can cameras in company cars reduce liability when your team members get into accidents, but they can also provide accountability. One of our clients had an increase in productivity with his team when they began using dash cams. The cameras revealed the employees were going on personal errands when using company vehicles. Soon after the introduction of vehicle cameras, the extra activities came to an end.

Our team of professionals is well versed in vehicle accountability technology. We utilize a variety of technologies to achieve results that will benefit you in many ways.

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