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Your Total IT managed services provider

Whether you’re a small business or a large one, you know the value of reliable technology. Our solution is to provide your business with a proactive maintenance plan. Our professionals utilize best practices and technology to bring your business’ technology to a level of efficiency and reliability usually only enjoyed by large corporations with very costly in-house IT departments.

Our mission is to keep your technology investment running smoothly so you can focus on your business. We like to hear “It just works” from our clients, even though they have complex setups.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Using enterprise level software and best practices, our system will detect and fix issues before you notice them 24/7/365. Our system automatically detects issues, and attempts to remediate them. If further action is needed, our engineers will be notified of the issue. All of this happens behind the scenes, and completely transparent to our clients. It’s like having an IT engineer on location 24/7.

Endpoint Protection

Our managed services come with the very best in enterprise malware and anti-virus protection. We utilize a variety of tools usually outside the budget and technological know-how of small businesses. Our system protects against viruses, malware, and proactively looks for and stops ransomware before it takes over your business.

Software Updates

Every business has applications they rely on. Our systems keep an eye on your operating systems and third party applications, and keep them patched and up to date. We handle installing and keeping your software up to date, so your staff can spend their time on their actual work responsibilities.


Microsoft Office

As part of our flat rate IT services, you no longer have to worry about purchasing Microsoft Office, and maintaining the proper licensing. In addition, to all the Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, etc.), each member of your staff will receive 1TB of online cloud storage for sharing documents.


One of the most costly IT mistakes a business can make is lack of backup. We help you determine what is crucial to your business, and then we setup both on-premise and cloud backup. We achieve reliable and secure backup by automating the entire process, and keeping it transparent to you, the end user.


Content Filtering

Our system offers the ability to block content and websites based on the needs of the business. By blocking access to certain parts of the internet, you will help maintain a safer work environment, with fewer distractions. In addition, blocking nefarious websites helps protect against malware and ransomware.


Network Security

Even if you use the best anti-malware software available, nefarious bugs can still get into your organization. Often times malware gets past the very best scanners because it’s so new. The solution is to monitor network behavior patterns. Our setup includes a network and organization wide security platform that looks for behaviors of network activity, not just bad code. In addition, your users are protected even when they are outside the office.


Replace your office Gmail account with professional email addresses for each member of your staff. Our email offering includes enterprise level storage, security, and a beautiful interface your staff is most likely already accustomed to: Microsoft Outlook Online and Outlook installed on local computers. In addition, Microsoft Outlook for both iPhone and Android phones.

Company Messaging

Ever wanted to provide your company with a system to communicate that’s faster than email? Our flat-rate IT includes company wide chat, with local applications on company computers, as well as the ability to have company chat on both iPhone and Android phones.

Process Management

Both Password Management and Mobile Device Management are key to keeping businesses secure. In the office, a common issue we see is companies create a spreadsheet of company logins and distribute them to employees. On mobile devices, we can securely and quickly roll out applications and internet account settings to both company devices and BYOD phones and tablets.

There are many other ways we keep businesses secure. Click the button below to read more. 

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