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We bring enterprise technology

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running your business.

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We Are Focused

The John Galt Group was founded in 2011 out of a desire to bring enterprise technology and IT security, to small and medium sized businesses. We have decades of experience managing thousands of computers and servers, and have put together the very best practices to make your business operate efficiently.



Managed IT services means you run your business with the confidence that we are handling all aspects of IT. This includes purchasing, upgrading, cybersecurity, IT helpdesk, and more. Every aspect of your business’ technology is covered, without worrying about varrying monthly IT expenses.

Flat Rate IT

We put an end to unpredictable IT expenses by charging  a simple flat rate for everything your business needs with technology.

Cyber Security

We utilize the very best in enterprise malware and anti-virus protection. We utilize a variety of tools usually outside the budget and technological know-how of small businesses to protect your business.

Proactive Monitoring

 Our technicians utilize the very best enterprise software and experience to monitor and maintain your infrastructure 24/7/365.


We analyze your business needs, and put together a collaboration suite tailored to your needs. We bring together company email, calendar, and chat.


Our Blog

We aim to share all of our knowledge, one blog post at a time. This section is full of how-to guides, best practices, and information that we feel could be useful to small business owners. 

If you love learning more about the behind the scenes, you have come to the right place. 

How to protect against Ransomware

How to protect against Ransomware

While malware can be aggravating, the specific variant known as ransomware is one of the most dangerous. Ransomware includes mild versions that simply pop up and annoy you with a screen that takes over your computer, to the type that encrypt your entire drive and lock...

Communicating Safely While Traveling

Communicating Safely While Traveling

For those who travel, being able to communicate is vital. While communication itself isn't difficult in the age of FaceTime, Messenger, and good international cell phone plans, doing so safely is a challenge. There are several big challenges to traveling and...


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